The Future of Chip Recycling

IC Recovery improves electronics manufacturing by providing a reliable and sustainable supply of refurbished integrated circuits.

Turnkey Recovery

IC Recovery extends the life of valuable chips in end-of-life electronics. Since almost all chip failures occur within the first 18 months of use, and we only recover working and retestable chips, our patented process delivers refurbished chips that are highly reliable.

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With IC Recovery You Can:

Secure a source of chips for field service repairs and equipment refurbishment

Achieve sustainability goals for you and your customers

Reduce dependence on foreign chip fabs

Minimize exposure to chip shortages and supply chain delays

Create a new revenue stream or expand your revenue base to increase profitability

Reduce Chip Emissions by 97%

The estimated greenhouse gas footprint of a chip recovered using our Chip-Renew™ process is 97% lower than that of new chip production.

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Part of our Broader Recycling Ecosystem

IC Recovery is a division of Greene Lyon Group, Inc. Greene Lyon is a pioneer in recovering and recycling historically difficult materials and components with technologies that are more efficient and sustainable than conventional processes.

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